Tips for professionals talking to clients who are into BDSM

The professional initiative is yours

Patients are unlikely to disclose their kinky- or BDSM-life until they know it’s safe to talk to you about this. So it is important to take the professional initiative yourself to talk about sex, kink or BDSM when you think it is professionally appropriate.

Studies report that the population that is -or has been in the past- involved in BDSM-activities ranges from 5 to 25% of the population (Jay Wiseman, SM 101: A Realistic Introduction, Greenery Press, 1996 – Richters et al, Sex in Australia: Autoerotic, esoteric and other sexual practices engaged in by a representative sample of adults. Australian and New Zealand journal of public health. 2003), with even higher percentages reporting fantasies or an interest in these activities.
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