17 mar ’16 – Search for kinksters willing to be interviewed about: Consent

Announcement: Academic search for Consent

Academic (re)search

My name is Amanda Ferrandino, a sociology graduate student at University of Amsterdam. I am conducting a study on kink practioners and their experiences with consent. I’m looking for anyone who would be interested in sharing some sexual stories on desire and boundaries. The interviews will be for about one hour and in English. I am happy to go where you are comfortable (ex. your home or your favorite coffee shop) and you are also welcome to my home if you prefer.

In the end, I’m really excited to hear people’s stories and show the academic community that much can be learned from kink practices.
My email is amanda.ferrandino@gmail.com.

Viv – rightly so – contacted me and said that it might be a good idea to add a personal note about the experience of the interview. Great idea!

Personally I (Hans) experienced the interview as “relaxed and interesting”. The interviewer was respectfully interested in me without any judgemental vibe. And she knew how to talk about sex in a casual way – some professionals tend to get nervous on the subject – and she knew how to repeat a question if I was unclear (partially because English isn’t my native language, partially because we both tried to really understand the things as I have experienced them – both the positive and the negative – to get a clear perspective on the subject – consent – and how it has evolved in my life).

I enjoyed the talk, hope to have added to the body of knowledge and would want to invite you to contact her directly to make an appointment for an interview to get the data out of your experiences that can be grasped and analyzed.

KinkAware.Info hopes to find kinksters wanting to support the academic qualitative research in the kink scene.

We’re happy to say that an excerpt of the results will be posted here later this year

KinkAware.Info hoopt hier kinksters te vinden die het academisch kwalitatief onderzoek in de kink-scene willen ondersteunen. Wanneer jouw engels goed genoeg is voor een interview over jouw persoonlijke ervaringen rond consent nodig ik je uit om direct contact met haar op te nemen.


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